Sculpted canvas on panel 36 x 60″

Artists: Jason Hallman, Stephen Stum

SOLD – Private Collection

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  1. Kirsten
    December 14, 2012

    This is killing me. I love this piece. Im going to try to come down sometime in January. If this piece is still there ill take it home with me. I think it’d look amazing in my office. I still have a huge blank wall in there. My office isn’t finished furniture decorating so I can’t get it now as I don’t know how Im going to organize my furnishings – Im waiting for my chaise lounge still! 9 weeks later. Anyway, I think this is the piece Ive been waiting for/looking for that wall. Itll match my furniture – steel and wood pieces and grey fabric chaise.
    Email or text me the cost love. Im assuming 6000. Its huge. Although a deal is always appreciated. LOL.
    XOXO see you in January…Im hoping weekend of the 11th or 18th. xoxo
    Also when I come down we’ll do dinner and hook me up with a hot single sexy man. If you know someone for me send em my way!

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